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    Wireless Security Made Simple


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    Wireless Security Made Simple

    Post by reddotdj on Thu Jul 10, 2008 6:00 pm

    Hello everyone

    Thought I would share some useful info for all those who have yet to move over to the joys of wireless networking and what you should do to make sure you secure your new toy from unwanted visitors.

    You might even ask the question well why do I need to secure it from prying eyes?

    Well itís obvious in the first place that if your WN (Wireless Network) isnít secure firstly your opening it up to attack from hackers (People who attack PCís looking for your bank or credit details or even to use your machine as a zombie to send junk email or spam as itís commonly known). For more info on Zombie Attacks and itís implications click Here Itís not exhaustive and I do tend to take wikipedia with a pinch of salt but this is pretty much spot on.

    Another thing that could happen is that someone War Hacks your network, this means that someone gains access to your PC and can use your connection to download anything they like such as illegal software, pornography in fact pretty much anything they like. More info on this at War Driving Donít install anything from this site.

    This has very dire consequences for the unsecured owner of the WN because the information being downloaded will be emanating from your network and so it is you who will be seen as the illegal downloader and we all know this means large fines or a nice stretch at an prison institution near you.

    So what do I need to make my nice new WN safe from prying yes? Well itís all down to how secure you want you information to be, it used to be WEP (Wired Equivalent Privacy) this was pretty much it for awhile and although people still use it, itís easily hacked and I would not use it in a home environment.

    Far better is to use WPA (WI-FI Protected Access) and the stronger the encryption the better. I would recommend for anyone to use WPA2 Personal in the home (if youíre using a gaming console such as a PSP or PS3 then use WPA Personal only as WPA2 is currently not supported). In the business environment then itís WPA2 Enterprise all the way.

    I wonít go into details of how to set this up as itís different for each WNR (Wireless Network Router) but I promise you it is relatively easy to set up and at the end of the day what price can you put on your information being stolen or your network being used for activity that could end up with you in a spot of bother.

    Thanks for reading.


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