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    VB Quick Tutorial

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    VB Quick Tutorial

    Post by Placehold on Fri May 23, 2008 12:20 am

    Visual Basic, created by Microsoft for building stand alone Windows-based programs, is derived heavily from Basic. Developers can use it for quickly building GUI applications.

    As an example here is how to use VB to build your own browser

    1. Open Visual Basic

    2. Create a new Visual Basic Windows Application project. This sample project was named PersonalBrowser and saved locally.

    3. Click on Form1 and change its default Text property to "PersonalBrowser".

    4. From the Toolbox, add the WebBrowser component. It will fill the form. To change this, click the new WebBrowser1 and change its Layout Dock property from "Fill" to "Bottom". This will allow you to change it's size and make space for some extras.

    5. From the Toolbox, add a TextBox and a Button. Neatly position both above WebBrowser1.

    6. Change the Text property of Button1 to "Go". Modify the Anchor property on all three accordingly.

    7. Double-click on the button. This is how the browser will grab the address you type in TextBox1 (aka. address bar). Add the following:

    If TextBox1.Text = "" Then
    End If

    8. Run the example to test it out. When you've got it tweaked with pictures, colors, and lots of extras, Publish your finished product and use it with pride!


    Webbrowser1.Stop --- Stop Button
    Webbrowser1.Navigate URL --- Go To
    Webbrowser1.Refresh --- Refresh Page
    Webbrowser1.GoBack --- Go Back
    Webbrowser1.GoForward --- Go Forward

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