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    Perform a Flat Copy/Flat Installation from CD to Hard Drive

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    Perform a Flat Copy/Flat Installation from CD to Hard Drive

    Post by Placehold on Mon May 19, 2008 1:16 pm

    A "flat installation" is a software installation performed from an image that has been copied to a hard drive rather than directly from other installation media, such as a CD-ROM. A flat installation can help with problematic software installations because performing a flat copy (the process of copying the "known good" image to a hard drive) is much easier for the computer than the random access reads required during a normal installation. Performing a flat copy will also allow verification that all files were successfully copied prior to the installation. In a flat installation, the CD-ROM is read prior to the processor-intensive installation.

    The target location on the hard drive should have sufficient space to accommodate the image, usually 650 MB.

    Steps to Perform Flat Copy

    1. Create a folder on the root of the hard drive. Use a name that follows the DOS 8.3 format, such as VSImage (this is not case-sensitive).

    2. If the installation will be on remote or multiple computers, share this folder so all the clients have the minimum read permissions.

    3. Insert the product CD-ROM into the CD drive. The following example uses a CD drive letter of "S:".

    4. If the product installation CD automatically starts the Installation Wizard, click cancel and then exit.

    5. Open a command prompt through the Start menu item, or by clicking Start, clicking Run, typing command and clicking OK.

    6. Type the following commands, pressing ENTER after each one. (They are not case-sensitive.) Make appropriate changes to the drive letters and folder name as needed. In this case, the source (CD) drive letter is "S:", the target hard drive letter is "C:", and the target folder name is "VSImage".


    XCopy *.* C:\VSImage\ /v /s /h

    The flags are:

    /v - verification
    /s - subfolder or directories
    /h - hidden files


    Install the product by executing the Setup.exe file in the C:\VSImage\ folder (altering the path if necessary).

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