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    **Are you a victim of Malware**

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    **Are you a victim of Malware**

    Post by Placehold on Tue Apr 22, 2008 9:21 pm

    If your PC/Laptop is infected or you suspect you have a virus of some form,
    Follow these steps to clean your system before posting in the HiJackThis Forum

    1. Delete any unwanted programs

    Start>Control Panel>Add/Remove Programs

    Check what you have installed

    Bleeping Computers

    2. Run an Online scan

    Avast Online Scanner

    Eset Online Scanner

    Once completed you should be able to export or save the scan log which you can upload to our
    HiJackThis Forum for our team members to assist you further.

    3. Stop the risk of Infection

    You can download several programs to stop the risk of infection


    Spy Blaster


    4. Details, Details & Details

    Make sure that if you have an infection that when you post your log into the HiJackThis Forum

    • You are specific about the issues/problems and/or any error messages
    • You provide images where you can
    • You DO NOT tamper with the log
    • Provide your System details

    Post Your Log Arrow

    For Additional information on current viruses please visit:
    Windows viruses
    Script viruses
    Macro viruses

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